New Feature Update: IR Event Pages

Summary: Investor Relation teams can now use event pages to share investor material during roadshows, capital market days and earnings. The built in email and RSVP system allows companies to manage invitations amongst its investors and analysts.

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Uses: IR event planning and execution

Available for: Investor Relations teams with a standard Closir subscription.

How does it work? Event pages help companies keep material organised ahead of any event involving investors and analysts. Companies can create an event page, upload relevant information and files and share or notify investors via the built in email system.

Information that investors are looking from companies prior to an IR roadshow:

  • Who is travelling and available for meetings
  • Updated version of the presentation
  • A simple way to request a meeting

Visibility: All event page have a public facing page that can be accessed using a secret PIN. Events pages are visible to both investors and company users part of the Closir community.

User quotes:During roadshows, dealing with simple things like sharing our investor material with the numerous parties can be quite time consuming. We use the event pages to keep most updated version of our presentation online and point our investors and brokers to download it from there”.

“When we travel to New York or London we use this feature to blast out a message about it to all of our investors. We then track (via the RSVP) system who is interested to see us. After that, we prioritise and create a 1-1 and group meeting schedule. We always try to have a group meeting at every roadshow to accommodate tier 2 and tier 3 investors”

New Feature Update: Consolidated IR Calendar

Summary: Investor Relation teams can now see broker events, industry earnings dates and IR events, both local and international in one view.

Uses: Event planning.

Available for: Investor Relations teams with a standard Closir subscription.

How does it work? Brokers conferences and IR events are visible under Conferences tab. Industry earnings dates are visible under Events tab. Both views are sortable by various categories. Furthermore, under the ‘Events’ tab users can create and save bespoke watchlists (e.g Oil & Gas Russia).

IR teams can also express interest or register for certain events using the right hand side menu bars. If a company selects ‘I am attending’, it will then export to the IR calendar. Selecting ‘I am interested’ in feature will send this request to respective organisers.

Visibility: Both companies and investors can see events on Conferences and Events pages.

User quotes: “Having all events, especially broker conferences, in one place is very helpful”

Closir team comment: We have heard from many IR teams that it would be useful to consolidate various events that are relevant to the everyday life of an IR team. In addition to just creating a list, we connected events to organisers who will receive requests about any companies interested in attending them. 

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New Feature Update: Your IR Calendar Analytics

Summary: Investor Relations teams now have the ability to visualise their investor outreach activities graphically by event type, city and broker.

Uses: Roadshow planning. Management reporting. Broker relationship mapping.

Available for: Investor Relations teams with a standard Closir subscription.

How does it work? : The IR Calendar Analytics feature generates the charts automatically from the data on your Closir IR Calendar. Once your IR calendar is updated, simply click on the ‘Overview’ tab on top right of the screen and you will be taken to IR Calendar Analytics section.

Visibility: Only company (IR) Closir account holders can see analytics for their company. The analytics screens are not visible to any other companies or investors.

User quotes: It’s very important for me to keep track of which brokers I assign roadshow days and conferences to. I try to make sure that every broker that covers my stock gets at least one roadshow/ conference and this allows me to quickly understand this.”

“We print this out after our quarterly earnings roadshows and add it to our management newsletter. We used Excel for this before”

Closir team comment: This is a simple tool we built that helps you visualise your IR investor engagement activities. Going forward we would like our systems to be giving you a lot more, for example suggestions which cities you should be visiting (that you are not already), how much time you should be spending in key regions… all based on real investor interest data maps.


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Investor Meeting Space in London

We are delighted to announce that all of Closir’s corporate users now have access to meeting spaces in London which can be used for investor and analyst meetings as well as for hosting IR events.

Closir was created to help investor relations teams to communicate their investment story to the maximum audience of investors. Our meeting spaces facilitate direct interactions between companies and investors.
Our facilities offer companies:

* Meeting rooms for small group meetings of up to 10 people
* A private lounge for group presentations of up to 25 people
* Larger event space accommodating up to 125 people
* Club restaurant dining

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In the next months we will be adding new locations, including in West London, New York and Hong Kong